Our vision is to bring change to the community through Christ,  by positioning SMF to be the ears and eyes of Pastors/Clergy in Soweto. SMF is to be gatekeepers of the Christian faith in Soweto ensuring the quality and integrity of the gospel. To mobilize the church within our communities, and encouraging fellowship within the Body of Christ. To be a prophetic voice of the Church. The SMF is fast presenting itself within the broader Church structures, as a force to be reckoned with. This organisation has been very successful in making a difference in the community of Soweto and elsewhere, through fighting societal ills – including taking prayers to the streets.

The Mission Statement of the Soweto Ministers’ Fraternal is to bring spiritual transformation of Soweto as a region, by the power of Jesus Christ through His Church. While the SMF Slogan reminds everyone; “Working collectively to serve our communities.”

The SMF is a relevant organisation of pastors/clergy that seeks to meet the needs of the communities that it serves. As an organisation, the SMF is involved in a variety of community projects and campaigns, in order to contribute towards the development of the community of Soweto and ultimately the society of South Africa.